“Clean up. Clean up. Everybody everywhere. Clean up.

Clean up. Everybody do your share.”           


Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors! 

Spring clean up plans are underway.  Here’s what’s happening:

·         May Dumpster Dates – May 10th – 13th.  The dumpster will be located by the bus stop on the upper portion of Deer Mountain Blvd.

·         June Neighborhood Clean Up Day is June 15th and a dumpster will be available (location to be determined). Thank you to the Longos for volunteering to chair this event. If you would like to help, please let us know via the portal.

·         Bus Stops – Thank you to the Parkers and Bolts who will spearhead cleaning up the two bus stops on Deer Mountain Blvd. If you would like to help, please let us know via the portal.

·         Streetlights – The streetlights are scheduled for maintenance in May. If you know of any streetlights that are not working properly, please let us know via the portal ASAP.

·         Entrance Arches – The arches will be stained this spring.

·         Weed Control – The HOA will be controlling weeds in common areas. And, each homeowner is responsible for controlling weeds on our private properties. See https://www.wasatch.utah.gov/PublicWorks#63773-noxious-weed-control for noxious weed control information.

When one gate closes, another opens…

·         “Private Property. No Public Access.” signs are being posted on the gates on the emergency access road. Let’s be good law abiding neighbors and stay off this private road.

·         New Trail construction will be starting soon. Once flags are posted outlining the proposed trail, homeowners will be given the opportunity to review the layout and give input via the portal.

And, here’s a notice and update about Board business:

·         Notice – At the Board’s May 14, 2019 meeting, we will be reviewing and adopting standards for real estate “for sale” signs, including but not limited to size, orientation to the property, materials and color of the sign posts.

·         2018 Financial Statements are posted on the portal under Homeowner Documents.

·         HOA business, including communication with Board and Committee members, will only be conducted via the portal. In a significant effort to increase transparency, accountability, responsiveness and continuity of business for new board and committee members, HOA Board and Committee members will not respond to private communications.

·         Due to travel schedules, the Board will not be holding an open meeting in June.

Our next open meeting is May 14, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm at Zions Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive.  If you cannot attend in person, you may call in at 319-527-3511, code: 9952953#.  If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal.

Warm regards, Deer Mountain HOA Board

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