Calendar Notices:

● Open Board Meetings held via conference call. ​You may call in at
319- 527-3511, code: 9952953#. If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal.
o April 14, 2020 – 5 to 7pm.
o July 14, 2020 – 5 to 7pm.
● Community Conversation – March 23, 2020 – 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Neighbor Steve Slade has invited a member of the Wasatch Sherriff’s Department to talk with us about neighborhood and community safety practices.

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,
Over the last few months, the HOA Board has been working to improve our Architectural Committee (AC) documents, plan for the Spring and address issues raised by a few neighbors.
Improving our AC documents​ – Over the last several years, significant steps have been taken to improve the workings of our AC, including adopting revised Guidelines in November of 2018 and hiring a professional architect to oversee the implementation of our Guidelines.

At our April 14, 2020 Board Meeting, we will be taking the following actions to continue improving the workings of our AC: AC Charter ​- Up until now, the AC has functioned without a charter. We will be voting to approve the AC Charter, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents –Architectural Control.

● Revised Guidelines​ – The November 2018 Guidelines, as well as prior Guidelines, focused primarily on new construction, which was understandable given that our neighborhood was relatively new. As our neighborhood ages, we will begin to see more improvement projects in addition to new builds. So, it is important that our Guidelines also focus on Improvements, which are broadly defined in our CC&Rs. We will be voting on approving the April 2020 Guidelines, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents – Architectural Control.
● Revised AC Plan Application Forms​ – We will be voting on the AC Plan Application Forms, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents – Architectural Control.
● Approval and Variance Flow Charts​ – For convenience only, we will post flow charts for proposed plan approval process and variance request process on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents –Architectural Control.

Spring Plans​ – In late April/early May, we will begin a significant landscaping project to enhance the beauty of each of our Deer Mountain entrances.
Homeowner concerns: ​ The following issues have been raised by a few homeowners:

Curbing Short-Term Rentals​: Several Deer Mountain homes have been used as short-term rentals. Our CC&Rs prohibit rentals of less than 6 months. In an effort to eliminate short-term rentals, the Board will vote on the following proposal, as recommended by our HOA attorney, at our April 14, 2020 meeting.

● Adopt a fine schedule that deters such rentals. Currently, our fine schedule allows for a $200 per violation fine which is not a deterrent when properties are listing for as much as $1,400 per night. The proposed fine schedule would be as follows:
o First violation – $200
o Second violation – $1,000
o Third violation – $5,000
o Any additional violations – $10,000
● Adopt a rule prohibiting owners from advertising their Deer Mountain homes as available for short-term rentals.

● Removing Dead Trees and Repairing/Replacing Dead Lawn Cover​: Dead landscaping is visually unattractive and potentially a fire hazard. Please plan to remove any such landscaping this Spring. Going forward, we will be sending out violation notices for these landscaping violations.
● Neighborhood Safety​ – At the request of several homeowners, we sent out an email regarding two incidents that required homeowners to contact the police. One incident involved a significant amount of missing ski equipment and the other involved an unknown person trying to enter a home while the homeowner was present. These matters are between the homeowner and the Wasatch County Sherriff’s department. And, thank you to the homeowners who wanted us all to know so we can be more mindful of safety.

Other Business​ –

The December Financials are posted on the portal under Documents –Homeowner Documents – Financials.

Please note that any encroachment by homeowners into Common Areas (ex. landscaping) is not approved.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

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