Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year, and welcome to our many new neighbors!
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with our HOA.)
In 2021, we have a number of initiatives underway of which we would like to keep you
apprised, as well as ask for some help. In brief:
• Thank you for keeping your garbage cans hidden from street view! We have seen some
very creative and attractive solutions. In reminder, please put garbage cans on street no
earlier than afternoon before pick-up and remove from street the day of pick-up.
• Please take a look at your Exterior Lighting and eliminate ‘glaring, high intensity light
sources’ per HOA Guidelines. And, the Board is looking at cost effective ways to improve
our street lights.
• We are updating Architectural Guidelines to better guide home improvement and
The rest of this letter shares details on some on these initiatives, as well as logistics for
supporting communications and timing of next Board meeting.
Your exterior lighting and our HOA Street Lights: The Exterior Lighting section of our
Architectural Guidelines (on Portal, see page 25 of Homeowner Documents/Architectural
Control/1 – Design Guidelines April 2020.pdf), states “The objective is to allow for limited, but
functional, lighting around the perimeter of every home without disturbing neighboring lots
with glaring or high intensity light sources,” specifically requesting homeowners to: “Avoid
exposed light bulbs visible through transparent glass lenses, and install dimming switches for
exterior light fixtures.”
In that spirit:
• Please take a look at your own home: Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’
properties? If so, what adjustments can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim
excess lights, or upgrade to shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?
• While we look to improve HOA Street Lights: We are evaluating upgrading street lights
to downward directed LED fixtures to eliminate excess light spill, improve long-term
serviceability and significantly reduce our electricity consumption.
Architectural Guideline Updates: We have several guideline update proposals in development
addressing artificial ground cover, roof finishing, build site management practices and real
estate signs. Once proposals are completed, these will be communicated for HOA community
review and comment 10 days prior to board review and action, per our CC&Rs.
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for March 2nd at 3:30pm. Please refer to the Portal
Calendar for Zoom log-in information it you would like to attend.
Deer Mountain HOA Board

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