April 27, 2021
Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Welcome Spring! As the weather warms up, we have lots going on which we want to keep you
updated on and get your participation.

Newsletter/Events Summary:
May 13-17 – Dumpster for community use as part of Spring Clean-up
June – New Street Lights being installed
July 13 – Next Board Meeting
By July 23rd – Board Candidates submit Bio/Interest Statement for Elections
August – Mailer with announcement of Annual Meeting and Board Election material
September 21 – Annual Meeting and Board Elections
Ongoing – Update on Sales, Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance Reminders

Spring Clean-up and Dumpster Days:
• A dumpster for community use will be delivered on Deer Mountain Blvd, the afternoon
of Thursday, May 13 and removed morning of Monday May 17th
• Plan your spring yard clean-up to take advantage of the dumpster. Pruning overgrowth
and removing dead trees and branches, makes your home, our neighborhood more
attractive and fire wise.
Also, please take a look along your street and pick up any debris and trash that may have
accumulated over winter. If you have neighbors who you know aren’t around or some favorite
HOA common area, consider doing the same with quick street-side clean up in front of that
property. [FYI – due to Covid, the HOA is not scheduling a formal clean-up day as we have done
in years past.]

New Street Lights Coming in June: At our last Board meeting, after receiving much input
through the portal and extensive discussion with community members, we approved the
proposal for replacing our Street Lights. Per input from several members, we thoroughly
explored option of switching to True Amber spectrum lights. Unfortunately, that option proved
much more expensive as current technology would have required doubling up light fixtures to
get adequate lighting. We are proceeding with the originally proposed 3000k lights. With the
programmable dimming feature, we will be able to adjust max lighting, and lights will auto dim
after a period of inactivity in lighting area. These features, with the downward curb to curb
directed light pattern will significantly reduce light wash, supporting the Dark Sky intention of
our AC guidelines. A capital reserve is being started for 24-year useful life maintenance (LED
driver replacement and powder coat refinishing). Removal of existing poles and installation of
new poles will take about 2 weeks, anticipated for June. As part of installation, we will bring
electric supply fusing and weather boots up to code.

Other ‘Light’ Tidbits:
• Holiday Lights are OFF – For HOA entrances, we generally turn on Holiday lights after
November 1st, then turn off around March 1st. While we don’t have a ‘rule’ in our
guidelines, we encourage members to work your ‘holiday light joy’ in this time window.
• Take a look at your ‘No-Glare, Dark Sky’ compliance to our guidelines – With the new
street lights being installed we are taking a big step toward dark sky compliance. The
next steps are up to you, each of us. Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’
properties? If so, what adjustments can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim
excess lights, or upgrade to shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?

Annual Meeting and Board Elections:
• Our Annual HOA Meeting and Election of New Board Members is scheduled for
September 21st. Per our governing documents HOA Meeting details will be sent out in
the beginning of August ( at least 10 days and no more than 60 days in advance J )
• Board Candidates – Serving on our HOA Board is great way to contribute to our
community. We have 3 board positions coming open. If you are interested in serving as
a Board Member, please submit a brief (1 paragraph) bio/statement of interest, through
the HOA portal by July 23rd. This statement will be included in voting materials sent out
in preparation for Annual Meeting at the beginning of August.
Sales, New Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance Reminders
We have a lot of activity going on in our neighborhood! With lots of new builds and home
improvements underway, we have plenty of construction people around as well as new
neighbors to welcome.
• Home Sales – We are seeing a high volume of home sales at record prices for the
• New Builds – We currently have 3 new home builds under HOA review, with 4 builds in progress.
• Home Improvements – Over 19 exterior home improvement projects are currently
underway. If you are planning exterior home/landscape improvements, please go to
HOA Portal/Homeowner Documents/Architectural Control for forms & direction for
getting HOA review and approval
Compliance Reminders – With all of this activity, it is important we pay attention to keeping
our neighborhood looking as best we can in compliance with our governing documents.
Here are a couple of areas where we have particular issues. The goal is to avoid any
garbage blow into your neighbors’ yards and reduce the ‘unsightly factor’ for neighbors and
real estate prospects:
• Garbage Cans are to be out-of-view from street (in garage or completely screened from
view) per our CC&Rs, except for the afternoon before trash day and trash day. If you
have tenants, you are responsible for your tenants’ compliance.
• Dumpster and Dump Trailers are to be covered with an enclosure or tarp and be
emptied regularly. Home Build site dumpsters are expected for duration of the build (1
year of less). Other dumpsters/dump trailers that are not in active use should be
removed, just as we require for RV’s and trailers. As owners, you are responsible for
compliance of your contractors.
• We are sending notices, then fines to ‘addresses of record’ for owners who are not
complying. This is simply part of each of our responsibilities in keeping our
neighborhood attractive per membership agreements.
Next Board Meeting: Due to recent March Board meeting, we cancelled the April Meeting. Our
next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 3:30-5:00pm. Meeting details can be found on
the HOA Portal Calendar.

Deer Mountain HOA Board

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