Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Welcome Summer! It is hot and dry with high fire risk. Please do not use of any Fireworks per
Wasatch County Order; Be very careful with all fire sources – cigarettes, fire pits, etc.

Newsletter/Events Summary:
July 13 – Next Board Meeting
By July 23rd – Board Candidates submit Bio/Interest Statement for Elections
August 1 – Mailer with announcement of Annual Meeting and Board Election material
August – Revised expectation for new Street Light Installation
September 21 – Annual Meeting and Board Elections
Ongoing – Update on Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Respect – Strengthening as foundation of Deer Mountain
New Street Lights now projected for August: Like much of rest of world coming out of Covid
economic disruption, we unfortunately have experienced some supply delays for our Street
Lights installation. Street Lights are now scheduled to arrive at end July so we should see
installation in August. If you haven’t already, please look at your own ‘no glare, dark sky’
compliance. Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’ properties? If so, what adjustments
can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim excess lights, or upgrade to
shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?

Annual Meeting and Board Elections:
• Our Annual HOA Meeting and Election of New Board Members is scheduled for
September 21st. Per lead times in our governing documents, HOA Annual Meeting
materials will be sent out around August 1st which will include materials for voting for
Board Candidates.
• Board Candidates – We have 2 candidates who have stepped forward and 3 board
positions coming open, so if you are interested in serving as a Board Member, please
submit a brief (1 paragraph) bio/statement of interest, through the HOA portal by July
23rd. We are also happy to address any questions about being on the Board.
New Builds & Home Improvements
We have a lot of activity going on in our neighborhood! With lots of new builds and home
improvements underway, we have plenty of construction people around as well as new
neighbors to welcome.
• New Builds – We currently have 1 new home build under HOA review, with 7 builds-inprogress.
• Home Improvements – Over 23 exterior home improvement projects in review or
currently underway.
If you are planning to build or make exterior home/landscape improvements, please go to
HOA Portal/Homeowner Documents/Architectural Control for forms & direction for getting
HOA review and approval

Thank you to the many who have been prompt in responding to notices sent over the past
few months. In particular, we have seen improvements in getting:
• Garbage Cans out-of-view from street (in garage or completely screened from view)
• Dumpster and Dump Trailers covered with an enclosure or tarp and regularly emptied
Clarification on Construction Parking: With the season peak of contractor activity juggling
and timeframes being stretched, we have a lot of construction/service vehicles on our
streets. Per our April 2020 AC guidelines:
• To the maximum extent possible, construction-related autos, trucks, and equipment must
be parked in an orderly manner on the construction site.
• If street parking is required due to logistical constraints, vehicles and equipment must be
confined to one side (and preferably the same side) of the street as the lot.
• Under no circumstance will construction personnel leave related vehicles and equipment
on the streets overnight.
We have had complaints of construction/service vehicles parking in front of neighbor’s
houses. With the potential number of vehicles, even if managed as above, this may be
inevitable. We ask for those of you in construction/improvement mode to work with your
suppliers per the above guidelines and we ask for everyone’s respectful communication and
understanding in resolving any issues. Our streets are public and are open to parking during
the day, as we welcome guests including the many workers who build and keep our homes
Again, thank you for doing your part in keeping our neighborhood attractive and well
managed per membership agreements.
Neighbor-to-Neighbor Respect: In the vast majority of our interactions as board members and
neighbors we experience neighbor-to-neighbor respect and cordiality as a great part of Deer
Mountain life. Unfortunately, we also witness a few who at times, frankly, choose to bully
others, newcomers and long-time residents, with opinions and derision about their homes and
their contractors. With respectful input from the community, the HOA Board has the
accountability to respectfully exercise our guidelines and governing documents reasonably,
consistently and confidentially. We all have the responsibility to manage ourselves, including in
our upset and disagreement, respecting each other, treating others as we would like to be
treated. Please join explicitly in demonstrating respect as the foundation of our community,
supporting others in doing the same as best you can.

Next Board Meeting: Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 3:30-5:00pm. Meeting
details can be found on the HOA Portal Calendar. Agenda items in consideration at this point:
• Status updates
• Annual Meeting/New Member Election Process
• Potential for competing Internet Service Providers – Preliminary discussion and
information sharing. No decision making planned.
• Dealing with Tree Overgrowth/view impact and fire risk – Discuss for potential as Annual
Meeting topic and volunteer seeking
• Credit and Collection Practices for homeowner dues and fines – Review
recommendation for updating
Annual Meeting is scheduled for September 21st, 3:30-5:00. Both meetings will be Zoom hosted
online meetings, as this best accommodates participation of Board and community members
who may be traveling or are part-time residents. If you are not able to participate online, dialin only numbers are available. For your convenience, for both meetings the connection logistics
are as follows:
Join Zoom Meeting by simply clicking this link –
Or from your Zoom browser –
Meeting ID: 998 7231 8856
Passcode: 889355
Or for Dial-in only, any of following by your location
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington D.C)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 998 7231 8856
Passcode: 889355

Deer Mountain HOA Board

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