Board Mission Statement:
As a Board, we are volunteering to serve the common good of all Deer Mountain Homeowners. We will seek to enhance our community through communication, community involvement, and personalizing the professional approach.

Current Board Members
Robin Nygaard
(Communications & Community Relations): Robin and her husband Earl have lived in Deer Mountain for 20 years. This is Robin’s second term of service on the Board.
Bob Reid (Treasurer): Bob and his wife Karen moved from New York to Deer Mountain 18 months ago.
Wendy Pickering: Wendy lives in Salt Lake and is the Board representative for the DMAC complex.
Joe Wein (A/C & Special Projects): Joe has lived in Deer Mountain for 6 years. He and his wife Michele split their time between Chicago and Deer Mountain.
Jill Weininger (President): Jill has lived in Deer Mountain for 6 years and she and her husband Bruce split their time between Chicago and Deer Mountain

Dog Park 1-question survey
As we explore this possibility we are committed to a robust (&respectful) community input. Toward that end, please fill out this 1-question survey so we can get advisory input from our community. Use the link below to share your opinion with us by February 20th:

Portal and grace:
As a Board, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the Portal for communicating with your Board. The portal can be accessed at:

If you do not have an account, please register. We use the portal to communicate upcoming meetings and community events. All posts are confidential and seen only by the Board and Management. The Board will not respond to community issues brought to us via personal emails or other social media platforms. If you have a question or concern that you feel needs Board input, please post it on the portal. All Board members see all input on the portal. Please be patient with response times. Some topics require time for Board members to consider and discuss. Our Board members are volunteers and do not meet every day to discuss community issues. Your patience and grace are appreciated.
Please remember that not all issues belong on the portal. Please keep in mind that most issues can best be handled by respectful and open neighbor-to-neighbor conversation and communication. This should always be your first effort if you have a legitimate question or concern with something in a neighbor’s property that impacts you.

Dog Waste Stations:
We have purchased and installed 5 dog waste stations. They are located at trailheads and mailboxes. We hope these will help keep our community cleaner. It goes without saying that we request that all dog owners use these stations for pet waste on your walks.

Community Involvement Opportunities:
Please submit your name and interest for any of these committees via the portal.
Dog Park Exploration Committee: As you know the Board is currently exploring the possibility of adding a dog park. No decisions have been made and we are in the exploration phases. Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this.
Welcoming Committee: We are looking to create a committee that will welcome new neighbors to Deer Mountain.
Trail Maintenance & Landscape Committee: We would like assistance from neighbors in identifying trail areas that need attention and in planning open space community landscape clean-up efforts this spring & summer.
We hope to host hybrid zoom/ in-person meetings this spring if we feel it is safe with Covid numbers. Watch the portal for updates on open meeting dates.

Please take some time to assess the exterior condition of your home. Is it in need of painting? How is the driveway looking? We all know how busy our local trades have been with the building boom going on throughout the Park City area. If your house needs painting, please make the time this winter to connect with painters and get things lined up for the summer months. All colors must be approved by the HOA and that process takes time as well.
Some community members have noticed that there is an ever-growing dirt pile visible from the homes on the south end of our community. This massive pile of dirt is on private property and is the dirt that was removed from the Klaim project to our South. We have been in contact with the county about this eyesore and have been told that when the construction process is completed natural vegetation will be planted on the remaining pile to make it blend in better with the natural surroundings.
Please make efforts around your home to create a dark skies environment for all to enjoy. This means ensuring your exterior lights meet guidelines:
• Avoid clear glass on outdoor fixtures.
• Avoid excessive lateral or upward lighting
• Seek downward shining lights
• Consider installing timers so lights are out, when feasible, around 10:00 pm
Water update:
One of our neighbors met with the GM of the Jordanelle Special Services District to better understand our water situation. Water conservation here in the high desert will always be important but there is some good news as well. Currently, we aren’t drawing water from the Jordanelle. It all comes from a runoff tunnel under the Wasatch that brings water directly to JSSD treatment plants. About 70% of that water goes into the reservoir because we don’t use it all. When all the approved construction is completed, we will have a 10-20% shortfall in water coming from the tunnel and JSSD will start tapping its allotted share of the Jordanelle to fulfill obligations to customers. We have rights to about 6-10%, but the total available water is a function of how full the reservoir is each year. Hideout has a fixed allotment of water they must live within, so if they overbuild, they will come up short on water. Culinary water usage is the first priority, so if things dry up, we will be the last to have severe water restrictions for in-home use. JSSD can increase its water flow by some 25%+ if it taps the Victory Ranch well water, which it plans to do. Other well locations are also promising in the hills above their HQ building.

We have an amazing trail system here in Deer Mountain that was established by a previous Board. They created trails that are on open lands. The old trail system crosses over private property. PLEASE keep peace with all neighbors by respecting trail closed & private property signs. There are miles of open space trails for all to enjoy and crossing private lot lines is not necessary. Thank you for your consideration. Specifically, please note the lower trail does not begin nor end on Keetley Circle. See trail map below:

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