Deer Mountain Newsletter November 2022

Deer Mountain Newsletter

November 2022

I am gratified to have been given the opportunity to lead our HOA board for this coming year. Deer Mountain is sound and strong. We have financial resources, a friendly and cohesive community, and we live in a place that continues to take my breath away. Last summer, I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that said, “I live in your vacation” and we do. We are blessed in many ways. In the area of governance, our goal is to expand participation in the management of our community. Last year under Jill’s leadership, the Board expanded a sub-committee structure with the goal of tapping into the vibrancy, energy, and talent that we are blessed with in our Deer Mountain community. This year, we will try to bring that new structure to fruition, and we are grateful to those community members who have volunteered to serve on the Board’s committees. We will also explore whether we can improve our resident portal and related technologies this year. As always, the first and best way to bring a matter to the Board’s attention is through the portal. I thank you in advance for the suggestions you will make, the wisdom you will offer, and the support you will extend to the Board this coming year.
Joseph Wein
2022-23 Board President

-Joseph Wein

Just a reminder to all Deer Mountain residents who may be considering adding a hot tub this winter, doing landscaping or outside painting in the spring or any other kind of external improvements, (or even a new build!) to take a look at the New and Improved Architectural Guidelines adopted 11/10/22. Our Architectural Committee has been busy updating the Guidelines so take a peek and see what’s new and necessary for your home renovation plans by going into the Portal. Plan early and get a jump on all those projects you’ve been thinking about! Any questions, just ask the Portal and we’ll get back to you ASAP….

– Tammy Brown
(AC President)


  1. Architectural Committee is to receive full hard copy to scale of design.
  2. Applicants are to provide a sample of external paint colors measuring 3 X 3 for review by the Architectural Committee prior to painting.
  3. Architect is to submit all correspondences the Architectural Committee for final approval before Architect sends to applicant, particularly when it pertains to requests, denials or approvals with conditions.

Joe Wein (President): Joe has lived in Deer Mountain for seven years. He and his wife Michele split their time between Chicago and Deer Mountain. Trails/Open space committee
Robin Nygaard (Vice President): Robin and her husband Earl have lived in Deer Mountain for 20 years. Fun Committee Member, AC Committee Member.
Bob Reid (Treasurer): Bob and his wife Karen moved from New York to Deer Mountain 2 years ago. Capital improvements committee member.
Wendy Pickering (Board Member): Wendy lives in Salt Lake and is the Board representative for the DMAC complex.
David Massey (Communications & Community Relations)- David is the newest addition to the board and moved here full-time with his husband almost a year ago from Tampa, FL. Fun Committee Member.

The October fest and summer socials have proven to be a hit, with neighbors coming out to meet and greet one another again. The past three events have seen around 50+ residents and we couldn’t be more thrilled to keep the momentum up this next coming year. Mark your calendars down for next year’s event dates found below.

The Board is excited to organize things for success in the coming months. We have delegated members to each subcommittee and assigned duties & roles seen above. We’re looking at upgrading the mailboxes for the lot owners and planning future meetings, public too. We all look forward to serving the community this year.

Jan – No event
Feb – 18th Wine Social – Small Foods provided by HOA, Bring yourself
and a bottle of wine you’d like to share with great neighbors.
Mar – 16th Details coming soon… (Fun Committee event)
Apr – No event
May – No event
Jun – 24th Summer Soiree – A fun get-together of light summer foods and even better company.
Jul – 22nd Picnic Party – Down at the Pavilion, get excited for some BBQ and gorgeous sunsets down by the pavilion.
Aug – 19th Margaritaville – That’s right everyone! We’re bringing back
Margaritaville to Deer Mountain one more time!
Sep – 16th Details coming soon… (Fun Committee event)
Oct – 3rd Annual HOA Board Meeting/Election. Details coming soon…
Oct – 21st Details coming soon… (Fun Committee event)

Deer Mountain Newsletter April, 2022

Weed spraying: Noxious weeds are weeds that have been designated by the state or the county to be harmful to crops, humans, habitats, ecosystems, etc. They are weeds that typically grow aggressively, multiply quickly and don’t have any significant natural controls. If we property owners don’t control them, they continue to spread throughout our neighborhood.  

Controlling noxious weeds is a Utah and Wasatch County requirement. This is a big enough issue that the county has the authority (after proper notification) to enter private property and control the noxious weeds themselves, with all their costs being billed to the property owner. In support of those efforts, DM also has a policy to impose fines (after proper notification) on Owners who do not properly control noxious weeds on their property.  

Weed season will begin soon and it is time to prepare to address the weeds on your property.  All noxious weeds on your property must be removed or controlled, although the most common noxious weeds we see here are Thistle and Dyers Woad. (Google them to see what they look like). You can get the full list of Wasatch County noxious weeds at this link: 

You will likely need to treat or remove the weeds on your property 2 – 3 times per year to successfully control them. Early treatment is better and easier than later treatment and now is the time to start. Once they have matured, they are very difficult to eradicate and are likely to spread far and wide. If you do not wish to deal with the weeds yourself, most local landscapers know what to look for as how and when to best treat them.  

Water Rights: Many, if not all, of us, received a letter with a summons in March regarding the state re-evaluating water rights. The State is conducting a survey of all water rights across Utah to have a foundation from which to make decisions going forward. The notice is most relevant for homes/ranches on well or stream water that have water rights dating back decades. JSSD will be filing its water rights on behalf of the water recipients of its municipal water supply.  

In consultation with a water rights attorney, we were told the following, “This is a form letter sent out during the general adjudication to all properties in the area that had or were once associated with a water right or the place of use of a water right. If the people getting

these letters are hooked up to a municipal system and pay someone for water service, they can ignore it. If they have a well with a water right, they need to do what it says on the letter to preserve the water rights associated with the property.” 

However, water rights were an asset associated with our homes when many of us purchased them, so this is something to carefully watch and educate yourself about. 

We do encourage residents to stay informed and attend the meeting on April 21 at 6:00 pm at the Wasatch Senior Center: 465 East 1200 South, Heber City. The meeting can also be streamed at:

Garbage Cans: Garbage cans should be brought in within 24 hours of pick up. This is a great opportunity to be a good neighbor. If your neighbor is out of town or you see a can outside their house, it is always an appreciated gesture to bring it up the driveway.  

Holiday Lights: It is now April and a good time to take down or turn off the holiday lights if you have not done so already. Let’s all enjoy some dark sky stargazing! 

Answers to Community Input & Questions from March Open Meeting

Summer Event Dates: The HOA will be hosting some summer social events. When dates are selected an email blast will go out as well as details posted on the Portal. 

Dog Park: The results of the Dog Park interest survey indicated that 56% of respondents want the Board to continue to pursue more information. Details of the survey will be attached to the March 28 Board meeting minutes. IF, and it still an IF, a Dog Park is added to the community, the intended location is south of the south entrance to Deer Mountain on the Open Space above the water retention pond on Keetly Station Circle. This location has been verbally approved by the County to move forward should we choose to do so.  The Board appreciates the many comments and questions that community members have put on the portal as these will give the Board and the committee questions, concerns and ideas to consider in the decision-making process. 

Street Lights: Our electric bills have been cut in half since the installation of the new street lights. The Board will discuss at an upcoming meeting how to address a few complaints about the lights’ brightness. Currently, lights are set at 40% when there is no motion and 80%  when there is motion. The change is gradual, not sudden, so it is difficult to detect the changes in brightness. Each time we adjust the brightness level there is a labor cost associated. We will determine if we should adjust all lights in the neighborhood and if individual lights are problematic how to address those few cases.

Committees Work vs. Board Work: Some projects are committee based and some work is done by Board members. Sometimes the deciding point is determined by the scope of work at other times it is decided based on the speed at which a decision has to be made.  Another deciding factor is if there are community members willing to be on committees and interested in working with others. 

Architecture Services: When the current Board was elected, satisfaction with the current architect was discussed and it was determined that we will continue with the current architect. The HOA has greatly benefited from having an outside professional in this role and past Boards are to be commended for making this decision. The current Architecture Committee, who interacts with the professional architect most frequently, is satisfied with the current services. 

Email vs. Portal (& social media): The Board continues to request that input and questions come via the Portal and they, in turn, share information via the portal. Notices of meetings and events will come via email one time and be posted on the portal.  Attachments to important emails will be linked on the portal. It is the responsibility of community members to sign up for and use the Portal. Board members and many neighbors are HAPPY to help community members get signed up. If you can use simple email systems or google, using the portal will be easy. There is concern that too many emails will become junk mail that people disregard. The Board also has a legal responsibility for some notifications and emails can get caught in spam filters too easily.  Next Door and other social media platforms are not used by the Board for official communications and posting negative comments about the community or the HOA reflects poorly on our community and is divisive. 

Meeting minute approval: Due to an error (even Board members are allowed to make mistakes sometimes ☺) several meeting minutes were not approved expediently.  This will be rectified at the April 28th open meeting and going forward we will ensure we do not get behind in approval of meeting minutes. 

Budget: On the original budget there was an $1100 deficit in the fines category, this is because some fines were levied but eventually forgiven when the homeowner(s) in question rectified the situation expediently and to the satisfaction of the Board.  

Antennas/Dishes: When the Architectural Guidelines were first devised and then updated over the years there were limits on antennas/dishes, both for size and location.  The world has changed drastically in 21 years. Workflow and reliance on internet and streaming have radically changed for many community members. There is also a relatively new FCC law that says HOA’s cannot implement policies that limit access to streaming and internet. The current iteration of the Architectural Guidelines brings us into compliance with this law and this updated reality of how we rely on internet/streaming. 

Legal Action: The Board (directly, through our counsel, and via social media) has received requests and letters from attorneys on behalf of Paul Mattson requesting to see copies of the third-party bids received for the installation of the streetlights in 2021. The Board has responded to these requests via the portal and when necessary, through counsel. But, given the continued requests by Mr. Mattson on social media and at an Open Meeting for the same information, the Board would like to respond in a way that is open and transparent for all owners and hopefully puts this issue to rest. 

The information regarding bids for the installation of streetlights was shared with all members of the community at an Open Board meeting before the Board voted to install the new lights. As advised by the HOA’s attorney, we have decided not to provide this information due to the fact that individual homeowners do not have a legal right to demand more information than that which was provided. Additionally, the Board is not required to provide documents related to actions not taken by a prior board. 

The Board was elected to make decisions for the HOA. Non-Board members are not entitled to act as super-chairman of the board, subjecting board decisions to individual scrutiny and review. The HOA Board is a volunteer position and Board members are not compensated. The Board devotes time and attention to doing what they believe is best for the HOA. 

If HOA members do not agree with decisions made by the Board, they should vote to replace the Board. 

Clearly, the path of least resistance would be to simply submit, but the Board has unanimously concluded that this would be a mistake. When a question has been asked and answered several times and a community member does not like the answer, continuing to ask it through legal channels and in public forums, makes the job of serving on the volunteer HOA Board much more unpleasant and time-consuming than it should otherwise be. It also discourages current and future Board members from serving the community in this role. Finally, the HOA incurs attorney fees and expenses in responding to these legal demands. 

No single community member is entitled to consume the Board’s attention and direction or to impose unreasonable expenses to the community. 

The Board has unanimously agreed to say no to the demand for documents we are not legally required to produce, and we believe that future boards will benefit from this precedent. Our community does not benefit from allowing homeowners to second-guess a prior board on a matter that can no longer be changed.

Property taxes: The HOA as an entity cannot address individual property taxes for community members. 

Tree trimming in Open Spaces: If trees are to be trimmed in Open Spaces the Board will make an effort to communicate with adjacent neighbors. 

Voles: ‘Tis the season for these critters and their friends the Pot guts to emerge throughout our area. The HOA does not seek to control them within the community.  Private homeowners can do as they choose on private property within the bounds of the law. However, as you make choices, please keep in mind that some efforts to eradicate the rodents can cause problems for other animals in our ecosystem via the food chain.  

Next Open Board Meeting: April 28th 2:30 MST via Zoom. 

Agenda will be posted on the portal. 

Topic: DM HOA Open Mtg Zoom Meeting (2:30 MST, 3:30 CST) 

Time: Apr 28, 2022 02:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 6044 1007 

Passcode: 965888 

Find your local number:

Deer Mountain Newsletter January 2022

Board Mission Statement:
As a Board, we are volunteering to serve the common good of all Deer Mountain Homeowners. We will seek to enhance our community through communication, community involvement, and personalizing the professional approach.

Current Board Members
Robin Nygaard
(Communications & Community Relations): Robin and her husband Earl have lived in Deer Mountain for 20 years. This is Robin’s second term of service on the Board.
Bob Reid (Treasurer): Bob and his wife Karen moved from New York to Deer Mountain 18 months ago.
Wendy Pickering: Wendy lives in Salt Lake and is the Board representative for the DMAC complex.
Joe Wein (A/C & Special Projects): Joe has lived in Deer Mountain for 6 years. He and his wife Michele split their time between Chicago and Deer Mountain.
Jill Weininger (President): Jill has lived in Deer Mountain for 6 years and she and her husband Bruce split their time between Chicago and Deer Mountain

Dog Park 1-question survey
As we explore this possibility we are committed to a robust (&respectful) community input. Toward that end, please fill out this 1-question survey so we can get advisory input from our community. Use the link below to share your opinion with us by February 20th:

Portal and grace:
As a Board, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the Portal for communicating with your Board. The portal can be accessed at:

If you do not have an account, please register. We use the portal to communicate upcoming meetings and community events. All posts are confidential and seen only by the Board and Management. The Board will not respond to community issues brought to us via personal emails or other social media platforms. If you have a question or concern that you feel needs Board input, please post it on the portal. All Board members see all input on the portal. Please be patient with response times. Some topics require time for Board members to consider and discuss. Our Board members are volunteers and do not meet every day to discuss community issues. Your patience and grace are appreciated.
Please remember that not all issues belong on the portal. Please keep in mind that most issues can best be handled by respectful and open neighbor-to-neighbor conversation and communication. This should always be your first effort if you have a legitimate question or concern with something in a neighbor’s property that impacts you.

Dog Waste Stations:
We have purchased and installed 5 dog waste stations. They are located at trailheads and mailboxes. We hope these will help keep our community cleaner. It goes without saying that we request that all dog owners use these stations for pet waste on your walks.

Community Involvement Opportunities:
Please submit your name and interest for any of these committees via the portal.
Dog Park Exploration Committee: As you know the Board is currently exploring the possibility of adding a dog park. No decisions have been made and we are in the exploration phases. Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this.
Welcoming Committee: We are looking to create a committee that will welcome new neighbors to Deer Mountain.
Trail Maintenance & Landscape Committee: We would like assistance from neighbors in identifying trail areas that need attention and in planning open space community landscape clean-up efforts this spring & summer.
We hope to host hybrid zoom/ in-person meetings this spring if we feel it is safe with Covid numbers. Watch the portal for updates on open meeting dates.

Please take some time to assess the exterior condition of your home. Is it in need of painting? How is the driveway looking? We all know how busy our local trades have been with the building boom going on throughout the Park City area. If your house needs painting, please make the time this winter to connect with painters and get things lined up for the summer months. All colors must be approved by the HOA and that process takes time as well.
Some community members have noticed that there is an ever-growing dirt pile visible from the homes on the south end of our community. This massive pile of dirt is on private property and is the dirt that was removed from the Klaim project to our South. We have been in contact with the county about this eyesore and have been told that when the construction process is completed natural vegetation will be planted on the remaining pile to make it blend in better with the natural surroundings.
Please make efforts around your home to create a dark skies environment for all to enjoy. This means ensuring your exterior lights meet guidelines:
• Avoid clear glass on outdoor fixtures.
• Avoid excessive lateral or upward lighting
• Seek downward shining lights
• Consider installing timers so lights are out, when feasible, around 10:00 pm
Water update:
One of our neighbors met with the GM of the Jordanelle Special Services District to better understand our water situation. Water conservation here in the high desert will always be important but there is some good news as well. Currently, we aren’t drawing water from the Jordanelle. It all comes from a runoff tunnel under the Wasatch that brings water directly to JSSD treatment plants. About 70% of that water goes into the reservoir because we don’t use it all. When all the approved construction is completed, we will have a 10-20% shortfall in water coming from the tunnel and JSSD will start tapping its allotted share of the Jordanelle to fulfill obligations to customers. We have rights to about 6-10%, but the total available water is a function of how full the reservoir is each year. Hideout has a fixed allotment of water they must live within, so if they overbuild, they will come up short on water. Culinary water usage is the first priority, so if things dry up, we will be the last to have severe water restrictions for in-home use. JSSD can increase its water flow by some 25%+ if it taps the Victory Ranch well water, which it plans to do. Other well locations are also promising in the hills above their HQ building.

We have an amazing trail system here in Deer Mountain that was established by a previous Board. They created trails that are on open lands. The old trail system crosses over private property. PLEASE keep peace with all neighbors by respecting trail closed & private property signs. There are miles of open space trails for all to enjoy and crossing private lot lines is not necessary. Thank you for your consideration. Specifically, please note the lower trail does not begin nor end on Keetley Circle. See trail map below:

Deer Mountain Newsletter July 1 2021

Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Welcome Summer! It is hot and dry with high fire risk. Please do not use of any Fireworks per
Wasatch County Order; Be very careful with all fire sources – cigarettes, fire pits, etc.

Newsletter/Events Summary:
July 13 – Next Board Meeting
By July 23rd – Board Candidates submit Bio/Interest Statement for Elections
August 1 – Mailer with announcement of Annual Meeting and Board Election material
August – Revised expectation for new Street Light Installation
September 21 – Annual Meeting and Board Elections
Ongoing – Update on Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Respect – Strengthening as foundation of Deer Mountain
New Street Lights now projected for August: Like much of rest of world coming out of Covid
economic disruption, we unfortunately have experienced some supply delays for our Street
Lights installation. Street Lights are now scheduled to arrive at end July so we should see
installation in August. If you haven’t already, please look at your own ‘no glare, dark sky’
compliance. Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’ properties? If so, what adjustments
can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim excess lights, or upgrade to
shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?

Annual Meeting and Board Elections:
• Our Annual HOA Meeting and Election of New Board Members is scheduled for
September 21st. Per lead times in our governing documents, HOA Annual Meeting
materials will be sent out around August 1st which will include materials for voting for
Board Candidates.
• Board Candidates – We have 2 candidates who have stepped forward and 3 board
positions coming open, so if you are interested in serving as a Board Member, please
submit a brief (1 paragraph) bio/statement of interest, through the HOA portal by July
23rd. We are also happy to address any questions about being on the Board.
New Builds & Home Improvements
We have a lot of activity going on in our neighborhood! With lots of new builds and home
improvements underway, we have plenty of construction people around as well as new
neighbors to welcome.
• New Builds – We currently have 1 new home build under HOA review, with 7 builds-inprogress.
• Home Improvements – Over 23 exterior home improvement projects in review or
currently underway.
If you are planning to build or make exterior home/landscape improvements, please go to
HOA Portal/Homeowner Documents/Architectural Control for forms & direction for getting
HOA review and approval

Thank you to the many who have been prompt in responding to notices sent over the past
few months. In particular, we have seen improvements in getting:
• Garbage Cans out-of-view from street (in garage or completely screened from view)
• Dumpster and Dump Trailers covered with an enclosure or tarp and regularly emptied
Clarification on Construction Parking: With the season peak of contractor activity juggling
and timeframes being stretched, we have a lot of construction/service vehicles on our
streets. Per our April 2020 AC guidelines:
• To the maximum extent possible, construction-related autos, trucks, and equipment must
be parked in an orderly manner on the construction site.
• If street parking is required due to logistical constraints, vehicles and equipment must be
confined to one side (and preferably the same side) of the street as the lot.
• Under no circumstance will construction personnel leave related vehicles and equipment
on the streets overnight.
We have had complaints of construction/service vehicles parking in front of neighbor’s
houses. With the potential number of vehicles, even if managed as above, this may be
inevitable. We ask for those of you in construction/improvement mode to work with your
suppliers per the above guidelines and we ask for everyone’s respectful communication and
understanding in resolving any issues. Our streets are public and are open to parking during
the day, as we welcome guests including the many workers who build and keep our homes
Again, thank you for doing your part in keeping our neighborhood attractive and well
managed per membership agreements.
Neighbor-to-Neighbor Respect: In the vast majority of our interactions as board members and
neighbors we experience neighbor-to-neighbor respect and cordiality as a great part of Deer
Mountain life. Unfortunately, we also witness a few who at times, frankly, choose to bully
others, newcomers and long-time residents, with opinions and derision about their homes and
their contractors. With respectful input from the community, the HOA Board has the
accountability to respectfully exercise our guidelines and governing documents reasonably,
consistently and confidentially. We all have the responsibility to manage ourselves, including in
our upset and disagreement, respecting each other, treating others as we would like to be
treated. Please join explicitly in demonstrating respect as the foundation of our community,
supporting others in doing the same as best you can.

Next Board Meeting: Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 3:30-5:00pm. Meeting
details can be found on the HOA Portal Calendar. Agenda items in consideration at this point:
• Status updates
• Annual Meeting/New Member Election Process
• Potential for competing Internet Service Providers – Preliminary discussion and
information sharing. No decision making planned.
• Dealing with Tree Overgrowth/view impact and fire risk – Discuss for potential as Annual
Meeting topic and volunteer seeking
• Credit and Collection Practices for homeowner dues and fines – Review
recommendation for updating
Annual Meeting is scheduled for September 21st, 3:30-5:00. Both meetings will be Zoom hosted
online meetings, as this best accommodates participation of Board and community members
who may be traveling or are part-time residents. If you are not able to participate online, dialin only numbers are available. For your convenience, for both meetings the connection logistics
are as follows:
Join Zoom Meeting by simply clicking this link –
Or from your Zoom browser –
Meeting ID: 998 7231 8856
Passcode: 889355
Or for Dial-in only, any of following by your location
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington D.C)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 998 7231 8856
Passcode: 889355

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain Newsletter April 27 2021

April 27, 2021
Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Welcome Spring! As the weather warms up, we have lots going on which we want to keep you
updated on and get your participation.

Newsletter/Events Summary:
May 13-17 – Dumpster for community use as part of Spring Clean-up
June – New Street Lights being installed
July 13 – Next Board Meeting
By July 23rd – Board Candidates submit Bio/Interest Statement for Elections
August – Mailer with announcement of Annual Meeting and Board Election material
September 21 – Annual Meeting and Board Elections
Ongoing – Update on Sales, Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance Reminders

Spring Clean-up and Dumpster Days:
• A dumpster for community use will be delivered on Deer Mountain Blvd, the afternoon
of Thursday, May 13 and removed morning of Monday May 17th
• Plan your spring yard clean-up to take advantage of the dumpster. Pruning overgrowth
and removing dead trees and branches, makes your home, our neighborhood more
attractive and fire wise.
Also, please take a look along your street and pick up any debris and trash that may have
accumulated over winter. If you have neighbors who you know aren’t around or some favorite
HOA common area, consider doing the same with quick street-side clean up in front of that
property. [FYI – due to Covid, the HOA is not scheduling a formal clean-up day as we have done
in years past.]

New Street Lights Coming in June: At our last Board meeting, after receiving much input
through the portal and extensive discussion with community members, we approved the
proposal for replacing our Street Lights. Per input from several members, we thoroughly
explored option of switching to True Amber spectrum lights. Unfortunately, that option proved
much more expensive as current technology would have required doubling up light fixtures to
get adequate lighting. We are proceeding with the originally proposed 3000k lights. With the
programmable dimming feature, we will be able to adjust max lighting, and lights will auto dim
after a period of inactivity in lighting area. These features, with the downward curb to curb
directed light pattern will significantly reduce light wash, supporting the Dark Sky intention of
our AC guidelines. A capital reserve is being started for 24-year useful life maintenance (LED
driver replacement and powder coat refinishing). Removal of existing poles and installation of
new poles will take about 2 weeks, anticipated for June. As part of installation, we will bring
electric supply fusing and weather boots up to code.

Other ‘Light’ Tidbits:
• Holiday Lights are OFF – For HOA entrances, we generally turn on Holiday lights after
November 1st, then turn off around March 1st. While we don’t have a ‘rule’ in our
guidelines, we encourage members to work your ‘holiday light joy’ in this time window.
• Take a look at your ‘No-Glare, Dark Sky’ compliance to our guidelines – With the new
street lights being installed we are taking a big step toward dark sky compliance. The
next steps are up to you, each of us. Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’
properties? If so, what adjustments can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim
excess lights, or upgrade to shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?

Annual Meeting and Board Elections:
• Our Annual HOA Meeting and Election of New Board Members is scheduled for
September 21st. Per our governing documents HOA Meeting details will be sent out in
the beginning of August ( at least 10 days and no more than 60 days in advance J )
• Board Candidates – Serving on our HOA Board is great way to contribute to our
community. We have 3 board positions coming open. If you are interested in serving as
a Board Member, please submit a brief (1 paragraph) bio/statement of interest, through
the HOA portal by July 23rd. This statement will be included in voting materials sent out
in preparation for Annual Meeting at the beginning of August.
Sales, New Builds, Home Improvements & Compliance Reminders
We have a lot of activity going on in our neighborhood! With lots of new builds and home
improvements underway, we have plenty of construction people around as well as new
neighbors to welcome.
• Home Sales – We are seeing a high volume of home sales at record prices for the
• New Builds – We currently have 3 new home builds under HOA review, with 4 builds in progress.
• Home Improvements – Over 19 exterior home improvement projects are currently
underway. If you are planning exterior home/landscape improvements, please go to
HOA Portal/Homeowner Documents/Architectural Control for forms & direction for
getting HOA review and approval
Compliance Reminders – With all of this activity, it is important we pay attention to keeping
our neighborhood looking as best we can in compliance with our governing documents.
Here are a couple of areas where we have particular issues. The goal is to avoid any
garbage blow into your neighbors’ yards and reduce the ‘unsightly factor’ for neighbors and
real estate prospects:
• Garbage Cans are to be out-of-view from street (in garage or completely screened from
view) per our CC&Rs, except for the afternoon before trash day and trash day. If you
have tenants, you are responsible for your tenants’ compliance.
• Dumpster and Dump Trailers are to be covered with an enclosure or tarp and be
emptied regularly. Home Build site dumpsters are expected for duration of the build (1
year of less). Other dumpsters/dump trailers that are not in active use should be
removed, just as we require for RV’s and trailers. As owners, you are responsible for
compliance of your contractors.
• We are sending notices, then fines to ‘addresses of record’ for owners who are not
complying. This is simply part of each of our responsibilities in keeping our
neighborhood attractive per membership agreements.
Next Board Meeting: Due to recent March Board meeting, we cancelled the April Meeting. Our
next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 3:30-5:00pm. Meeting details can be found on
the HOA Portal Calendar.

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain​®​ Neighborhood News Update January 13 2021

Dear Deer Mountain HOA Members,
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year, and welcome to our many new neighbors!
(Please go to to learn more about and communicate
with our HOA.)
In 2021, we have a number of initiatives underway of which we would like to keep you
apprised, as well as ask for some help. In brief:
• Thank you for keeping your garbage cans hidden from street view! We have seen some
very creative and attractive solutions. In reminder, please put garbage cans on street no
earlier than afternoon before pick-up and remove from street the day of pick-up.
• Please take a look at your Exterior Lighting and eliminate ‘glaring, high intensity light
sources’ per HOA Guidelines. And, the Board is looking at cost effective ways to improve
our street lights.
• We are updating Architectural Guidelines to better guide home improvement and
The rest of this letter shares details on some on these initiatives, as well as logistics for
supporting communications and timing of next Board meeting.
Your exterior lighting and our HOA Street Lights: The Exterior Lighting section of our
Architectural Guidelines (on Portal, see page 25 of Homeowner Documents/Architectural
Control/1 – Design Guidelines April 2020.pdf), states “The objective is to allow for limited, but
functional, lighting around the perimeter of every home without disturbing neighboring lots
with glaring or high intensity light sources,” specifically requesting homeowners to: “Avoid
exposed light bulbs visible through transparent glass lenses, and install dimming switches for
exterior light fixtures.”
In that spirit:
• Please take a look at your own home: Are your lights spilling into your neighbors’
properties? If so, what adjustments can you make to reduce bulb wattage, turn off/dim
excess lights, or upgrade to shielded/downward directing exterior light fixtures?
• While we look to improve HOA Street Lights: We are evaluating upgrading street lights
to downward directed LED fixtures to eliminate excess light spill, improve long-term
serviceability and significantly reduce our electricity consumption.
Architectural Guideline Updates: We have several guideline update proposals in development
addressing artificial ground cover, roof finishing, build site management practices and real
estate signs. Once proposals are completed, these will be communicated for HOA community
review and comment 10 days prior to board review and action, per our CC&Rs.
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for March 2nd at 3:30pm. Please refer to the Portal
Calendar for Zoom log-in information it you would like to attend.
Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain​®​ Neighborhood News Update March 3, 2020

Calendar Notices:

● Open Board Meetings held via conference call. ​You may call in at
319- 527-3511, code: 9952953#. If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal.
o April 14, 2020 – 5 to 7pm.
o July 14, 2020 – 5 to 7pm.
● Community Conversation – March 23, 2020 – 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Neighbor Steve Slade has invited a member of the Wasatch Sherriff’s Department to talk with us about neighborhood and community safety practices.

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,
Over the last few months, the HOA Board has been working to improve our Architectural Committee (AC) documents, plan for the Spring and address issues raised by a few neighbors.
Improving our AC documents​ – Over the last several years, significant steps have been taken to improve the workings of our AC, including adopting revised Guidelines in November of 2018 and hiring a professional architect to oversee the implementation of our Guidelines.

At our April 14, 2020 Board Meeting, we will be taking the following actions to continue improving the workings of our AC: AC Charter ​- Up until now, the AC has functioned without a charter. We will be voting to approve the AC Charter, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents –Architectural Control.

● Revised Guidelines​ – The November 2018 Guidelines, as well as prior Guidelines, focused primarily on new construction, which was understandable given that our neighborhood was relatively new. As our neighborhood ages, we will begin to see more improvement projects in addition to new builds. So, it is important that our Guidelines also focus on Improvements, which are broadly defined in our CC&Rs. We will be voting on approving the April 2020 Guidelines, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents – Architectural Control.
● Revised AC Plan Application Forms​ – We will be voting on the AC Plan Application Forms, which will be posted by March 12 in draft form on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents – Architectural Control.
● Approval and Variance Flow Charts​ – For convenience only, we will post flow charts for proposed plan approval process and variance request process on the portal under Documents – Homeowner Documents –Architectural Control.

Spring Plans​ – In late April/early May, we will begin a significant landscaping project to enhance the beauty of each of our Deer Mountain entrances.
Homeowner concerns: ​ The following issues have been raised by a few homeowners:

Curbing Short-Term Rentals​: Several Deer Mountain homes have been used as short-term rentals. Our CC&Rs prohibit rentals of less than 6 months. In an effort to eliminate short-term rentals, the Board will vote on the following proposal, as recommended by our HOA attorney, at our April 14, 2020 meeting.

● Adopt a fine schedule that deters such rentals. Currently, our fine schedule allows for a $200 per violation fine which is not a deterrent when properties are listing for as much as $1,400 per night. The proposed fine schedule would be as follows:
o First violation – $200
o Second violation – $1,000
o Third violation – $5,000
o Any additional violations – $10,000
● Adopt a rule prohibiting owners from advertising their Deer Mountain homes as available for short-term rentals.

● Removing Dead Trees and Repairing/Replacing Dead Lawn Cover​: Dead landscaping is visually unattractive and potentially a fire hazard. Please plan to remove any such landscaping this Spring. Going forward, we will be sending out violation notices for these landscaping violations.
● Neighborhood Safety​ – At the request of several homeowners, we sent out an email regarding two incidents that required homeowners to contact the police. One incident involved a significant amount of missing ski equipment and the other involved an unknown person trying to enter a home while the homeowner was present. These matters are between the homeowner and the Wasatch County Sherriff’s department. And, thank you to the homeowners who wanted us all to know so we can be more mindful of safety.

Other Business​ –

The December Financials are posted on the portal under Documents –Homeowner Documents – Financials.

Please note that any encroachment by homeowners into Common Areas (ex. landscaping) is not approved.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain ® Neighborhood News Update July 23, 2019

Save the Date for Annual Meeting – September 10, 2019
Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,
Summertime is in full swing with long hot sunny days and cool after sunset eves,
open-air concerts, fiesta days, bbqs, wild flowers, etc. Wherever your summer
adventures take you, we hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy and
What’s Good in the Neighborhood:
● Doing Good -Thank You Neighbors ! As you know, over the last 6 months
we’ve transitioned to a new property manager (ACS) and adopted new
procedures for how to handle the business of our HOA. While we
continue to make improvements, we are excited about the early
successes of using the portal, holding regularly scheduled open board
meetings and emailing Neighborhood News Updates. Thank you for
making these successes possible by your participation on the portal and at
the meetings!
● Looking Good !
o Trails – The upper trail’s name is Crank It Up and the lower one is
Low Rider. The Trails are 90% complete with an expected
completion date on or about July 31, 2019. Upon completion, a trail
map will be posted on the portal.
o Entry Way Arches, Pavilion and Bus Stops have all been spruced
up, including fresh coats of stain/paint, new shingles and repairs.
o Weeds Be Gone – Common areas have been sprayed for noxious
weeds and notices have gone out to owners who still have these
Just the Facts:
● Hideout Annexation Plans – We asked Scott DuBois, our HOA attorney, to
look into Hideout’s recent Annexation Plan and it’s potential impact on
Deer Mountain. From Scott: “ Utah law requires the town to include in its
annexation plan property that might be annexed into the town (usually
contiguous land), and that is what has been created. It does show that
DM could be annexed into the town. However, annexation is usually done
at the request of the property owner(s) that want to be annexed into the
town. The town has no plans to annex DM, unless there is a petition from
DM property owners to be annexed. There are no plans to conduct a
“hostile” annexation or attempt to annex over any objections … So, nothing
immanent and nothing to be concerned about at this point.” The next
planning commission meeting in Hideout is August 1 st .
● Financials – 2 nd quarter financials are posted on the portal under
Homeowner Documents/Financials.
● Access Road (sometimes called Fire Road) – This road is for official use
only, which means we are not permitted to walk on it. When one trail
closes, another opens – use our new trails.
For Your Consideration:
● Noise Nuisances – We can all agree that the 248 road noise is nuisance.
What about noise from people using those portions of the trails that pass
by neighbors’ homes? As one neighbor reports, it’s disturbing when trail
users can be heard talking loudly at 7 am. It’s summertime and many of
us have our windows open, so please be mindful.
● Fire Hazard – Check out your trees and bushes. Dead trees/bushes and
those growing too close to our homes are fire hazards. Please consider
removing or pruning them.
● Serving on the Board – If you are interested in serving on the Board,
please let us know. Three seats will be up for election on September 10,
HOA Board Business – Our next open meeting is Friday, August 16, 2019 from
3 to 5 pm at Zions Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive. If you cannot attend in person,
you may call in at 319-527-3511, code: 9952953#. If you plan to call in, please
let us know by posting on the ACS portal.
Warm regards,
Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News Update June 27, 2019

Happy Summer!

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,

A huge thanks to all who helped at our Annual Neighborhood Clean Up Day! Thirty volunteers, ranging from 8 years old to significantly north of 21 years old, collected more than 30 bags of garbage. Thanks also to our event leader for the warm and delicious breakfast and excellent logistics!

Trail Update – “If you build it, they will come.” A significant portion of our new trail system has been built and is ready for our use. So, check it out and please follow trail etiquette:

Bikers yield to pedestrians

Downhill travelers yield to uphill travelers

Our trail system has two trails, which need to be named. Please submit your name suggestions via the portal by June 30, 2019.

Library-In-A-Box – A Library-In-A-Box has been installed at each of the school bus stops on Deer Mountain Boulevard. Stop by. Browse. Borrow or donate a book.

HOA Board Business –  Our next open meeting is July 9, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm at Zions Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive.  If you cannot attend in person, you may call in at 319-527-3511, code: 9952953#.  If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal. At the July 9, 2019 meeting, we will be discussing the following Board business:

  • Review and recommend changes to procedures adopted by the Board between 2009 and 2010. Many of these procedures are obsolete.  They can be found on the portal under Homeowner Documents – Procedures.
  • Discuss and recommend change to Section 3.4 of the Bylaws regarding the date of the Annual Meeting.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News Update May 29, 2019

Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News Update

May 29, 2019

Change the Date! Save the Date!

Our Annual Spring Clean Up Date is now June 8th .

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors, For the first time in a long time, our ten-day weather forecast predicts more days of sunshine than rain or snow! Let’s celebrate the sun and our neighborhood at our June 8th annual spring clean up. Join us for breakfast starting at 8:30 am at the upper Deer Mountain Boulevard bus stop, followed by clean up.

Trail Update – If you enter Deer Mountain through the South Entrance (the one closer to Kamas), you can see the beginnings of our new trail. Weather permitting, work will continue over the next several months. As part of the next phase, you might see or hear motorcycles on the trail. They are being used to haul gas and equipment to the upper portions of the trail.

Library-In-A-Box – A Library-In-A-Box will be installed in the school bus stop on upper Deer Mountain Boulevard and available for use in June. If you would like to donate books, please let us know via the portal.

Do’s and Don’ts – This month’s newsletter emphasizes some Deer Mountain Do’s and Don’ts that may be less well known to long time and newer residents alike.

• Don’t park or drive on the concrete pads in front of the mailboxes. This can cause the concrete to crack, which will cost our HOA money to replace.

• Do keep your garbage cans out of sight. As sections 11.9 and 11.11 of our CC&Rs so elegantly require “…sanitary containers located in appropriate areas screened and concealed from view…” “Refuse, garbage and trash shall be kept at all times in a covered, noiseless container and any such container shall be kept within an enclosed structure or appropriately screened from view.” For now, let’s not dwell on what is a noiseless container but instead turn our attention to what does screened from view mean. If your garbage can is visible from the street or by your neighbors, it is not properly screened.

• Don’t try to create parking on your property other than in your garage or on your driveway. Driveway and garage parking are the only approved parking areas on our properties. Several neighbors have tried to create additional parking by building unauthorized gravel areas on their properties. Violation notices have been sent and, if uncured, fines have or will be levied.

• Do pay your annual dues. Final notices have gone out to those in arrears. • Do continue to post your concerns, suggestions and constructive feedback on our portal.

• Don’t post your issues in mean-spirited or entitled manner. Please be reminded that the Board will not be holding an open meeting in June. Our next open meeting is July 9, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm at Zions Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive. If you cannot attend in person, you may call in at 319-527-3511, code: 9952953#. If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal. Warm regards, Deer Mountain HOA Board

Warm regards, Deer Mountain HOA Board