Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News Update August 26, 2019

Calendar Notices:

● August 27, 2019 – Wildfire Safety and Preparedness Information Session from 7pm to 8 pm at the Wasatch Senior Center (465 East 1200 South, Heber City UT)

● September 10, 2019 – Deer Mountain HOA Annual Meeting –5 pm check in then meeting from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Summit County Library in Kamas (110 N. Main Street, Kamas UT)

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,

Let’s get right to the HOA news so we can all focus on the business of enjoying these waning days of summer! Hideout Annexation Plans Part 2 (see July News Update for Part 1) – We are aware of “annexation anxiety” among some home owners so we asked our attorney, Scott Dubois, for further clarity regarding the process of a highly remote hostile annexation. Here’s what Scott had to say: “The HOA would only have the ability to weigh in as an owner of property, it would not have the authority to speak for individual home owners.  The way it works is:

● Hideout would have to pass a resolution to annex the neighborhood (which the town attorney told me that they do not plan to do).

● The proposed annexation would have to comply with the requirements of the statute – which I don’t believe can be met here (for example, Hideout would have to prove it was providing municipal services to the neighborhood for more than one year).

● Annexation passes if property owners that own more than 75% of the property value in the area provide written consent. Note – that this does not include properties, such as Deer Mountain Affordable Community, which are already part of Hideout.

● Annexation also would pass if fewer than 50% of owners that own more than 50% of the property value in the area submit written protests. In other words if more than 50% of owners (based on the value of their property) protest the annexation, it would fail.

HOA Board Candidates – If you plan on running, please post your name and short bio on the portal so your name will be on the ballot. To date, Staci Shore, Laura Munts and Tracey Marshall have announced that they will be running for the HOA Board. Here are their bios:

Tracey Marshall – Prior to moving to Utah we resided in Wayland, Massachusetts. I have over 26 years of biopharmaceutical experience and have strong managerial experience leading Clinical Operation departments. My primary responsibility was to oversee global clinical trials and study teams to ensure protocols were executed on time, to budget and with quality. My position required adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness to multi-task in order to thrive in a fast-paced company environment. I believe that our community should have vital input into the decisions made by the board and see to it that all residents are fairly and appropriately represented. I would like to see the continued growth of the community and help make our Homeowner’s Association successful, efficient and fiscally prudent. I intend to continue to utilize my strengths toward the betterment and continued improvement of our neighborhood. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit a brief bio that you may be able to get to know a little about my background.

Laura Munts – My husband, Andrew, and I have been living in Deer Mountain since June 2015. I have been on the HOA Board since October 2017. I am running for a second term to support civil, responsible and representative governance that enhances the quality and value of Deer Mountain living. I am a retired corporate lawyer and nonprofit executive. I’ve served on several boards over the last 25 years and enjoy the creative problem solving process. Recently, I participated in a graduate program in conflict resolution at the University of Utah and as a Utah Civic Engagement Fellow. I also love hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing with family and friends. Thank you for your consideration.

Staci Shore – I have lived in Deer Mountain with my husband, Rick, since 2015. I have been a member of the HOA board for the last two years, the last year as the President. My hope is to be reelected for another term so that I can continue to represent all homeowners in making Deer Mountain the wonderful place that it is to live.

Other Business –

● The new trail system is complete! We hope to finalize and post the trail map by the September 10 Annual Meeting. Initial feedback from hikers and bikers is overwhelmingly positive. Enjoy and please follow trail etiquette, which includes removing pet waste and pet waste bags.

● At the August 16, 2019 Open Board Meeting, the Board unanimously approved: o Amending section 3.4 of our Bylaws to read: An annual meeting of members shall be held between September 1 and the second Tuesday in October each year. The board of Trustees shall schedule the annual meeting by June 30 of the then current year (the “Current Year”). The board of Trustees shall notify members of the annual meeting date by July 15 of the Current Year. At each annual meeting trustees shall be elected, reports of the affairs of the Corporation shall be considered, and any other proper business may be transacted. Trustees elected between September 1 and the second Tuesday in October shall begin their term on the second Tuesday in October. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the date of the 2019 annual meeting shall be September 10, 2019 and notice of the meeting will be giving to members at their last known e-mail address.

o Repealing 11 obsolete procedures which were set forth in a July 18, 2019 Notice to Homeowners.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain ® Neighborhood News Update July 23, 2019

Save the Date for Annual Meeting – September 10, 2019
Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors,
Summertime is in full swing with long hot sunny days and cool after sunset eves,
open-air concerts, fiesta days, bbqs, wild flowers, etc. Wherever your summer
adventures take you, we hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy and
What’s Good in the Neighborhood:
● Doing Good -Thank You Neighbors ! As you know, over the last 6 months
we’ve transitioned to a new property manager (ACS) and adopted new
procedures for how to handle the business of our HOA. While we
continue to make improvements, we are excited about the early
successes of using the portal, holding regularly scheduled open board
meetings and emailing Neighborhood News Updates. Thank you for
making these successes possible by your participation on the portal and at
the meetings!
● Looking Good !
o Trails – The upper trail’s name is Crank It Up and the lower one is
Low Rider. The Trails are 90% complete with an expected
completion date on or about July 31, 2019. Upon completion, a trail
map will be posted on the portal.
o Entry Way Arches, Pavilion and Bus Stops have all been spruced
up, including fresh coats of stain/paint, new shingles and repairs.
o Weeds Be Gone – Common areas have been sprayed for noxious
weeds and notices have gone out to owners who still have these
Just the Facts:
● Hideout Annexation Plans – We asked Scott DuBois, our HOA attorney, to
look into Hideout’s recent Annexation Plan and it’s potential impact on
Deer Mountain. From Scott: “ Utah law requires the town to include in its
annexation plan property that might be annexed into the town (usually
contiguous land), and that is what has been created. It does show that
DM could be annexed into the town. However, annexation is usually done
at the request of the property owner(s) that want to be annexed into the
town. The town has no plans to annex DM, unless there is a petition from
DM property owners to be annexed. There are no plans to conduct a
“hostile” annexation or attempt to annex over any objections … So, nothing
immanent and nothing to be concerned about at this point.” The next
planning commission meeting in Hideout is August 1 st .
● Financials – 2 nd quarter financials are posted on the portal under
Homeowner Documents/Financials.
● Access Road (sometimes called Fire Road) – This road is for official use
only, which means we are not permitted to walk on it. When one trail
closes, another opens – use our new trails.
For Your Consideration:
● Noise Nuisances – We can all agree that the 248 road noise is nuisance.
What about noise from people using those portions of the trails that pass
by neighbors’ homes? As one neighbor reports, it’s disturbing when trail
users can be heard talking loudly at 7 am. It’s summertime and many of
us have our windows open, so please be mindful.
● Fire Hazard – Check out your trees and bushes. Dead trees/bushes and
those growing too close to our homes are fire hazards. Please consider
removing or pruning them.
● Serving on the Board – If you are interested in serving on the Board,
please let us know. Three seats will be up for election on September 10,
HOA Board Business – Our next open meeting is Friday, August 16, 2019 from
3 to 5 pm at Zions Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive. If you cannot attend in person,
you may call in at 319-527-3511, code: 9952953#. If you plan to call in, please
let us know by posting on the ACS portal.
Warm regards,
Deer Mountain HOA Board

Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News

UpdateMarch 29, 2019

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors!Good-bye snow piles (almost) and hello birds! Springtime growth is all around –

● Daffodils popping up

● Entrance arches getting fresh coats of stain

● Construction workers buzzing around

● Average sale price of neighborhood homes rising from $767,175 in 2016 to $899,571 in 2018

● Work on our new trail starting as soon as ground conditions permit

Along with all this welcomed growth come spring-cleaning, winter damage repair,maintenance and weed control. Here’s what we can all being doing to keep ourhomes beautiful:

● Weeds – the bad news is that they are coming. The good news is that we all know how to control them. Please be proactive in spraying and/or removing your weeds.

● Home exteriors – the bad news is that our exterior finishes age, especiallygiven the strength of the sun. The good news is that fading fascia, rottingwood, crumbling stone, etc., can be restored and improve the value of ourhomes. Please take a walk around your property and see what needs tobe repaired or restored.And, here’s what we can be doing to keep our neighborhood beautiful:

● Dog waste pickup and disposal – Yes, this topic is once again in the news.Thank you to those neighbors who pick up after their dogs and other people’s dogs! For those of us who are dog owners, please note that picking up waste is only half of our responsibility. Proper disposal is the other half of our responsibility. Leaving poo bags on the side of the road is not proper disposal. Other neighborhoods have successfully embraced a culture of personal responsibility around handling their dogs’ waste.Let’s join them and walk with confidence on our streets, in our yards and on our new trails when they are built.

● Help Wanted for Dumpster Days and Community Clean Up Day – Once again, we will be renting a dumpster and scheduling a community clean up day sometime during the last week of April. We welcome one or more Clean up captains to coordinate this year’s clean up efforts. If you are interested, please let us know via our Deer Mountain HOA portal. Stay tuned for the dumpster dates and Community Clean Up date.Finally, here’s an update and notice about Board business:

● At our March 12, 2019 open board meeting, the Board approved reducingthe number of Directors from 7 to 5.

● Recently, Monica Sonnier and Steve Slade have resigned from the Board.Thank you to Monica and Steve for their service to our community!

● Are you called to serve on the Board? Do you have a neighbor you think would be great on the Board? If so, let us know via the portal Three Board members will be elected at our 2019 Annual meeting.

● Notice – At the Board’s May 14, 2019 meeting, we will be reviewing and adopting standards for real estate for sale signs, including but not limited to size, orientation to the property, materials and color of the sign posts.The HOA Board holds open meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.Our next meeting is April 9, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm at Zion Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive. If you cannot attend in person, you may call in at 319-527-3511, code:9952953#. If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly board meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month from 3 to 5 pm at Zions bank upstairs conference room – 1100 Snow Creek Dr. in Park City.There will be a conference call-in line (Telephone: 319-527-3511, Code: 9952953#).