Deer Mountain® Neighborhood News

UpdateMarch 29, 2019

Hi Deer Mountain Neighbors!Good-bye snow piles (almost) and hello birds! Springtime growth is all around –

● Daffodils popping up

● Entrance arches getting fresh coats of stain

● Construction workers buzzing around

● Average sale price of neighborhood homes rising from $767,175 in 2016 to $899,571 in 2018

● Work on our new trail starting as soon as ground conditions permit

Along with all this welcomed growth come spring-cleaning, winter damage repair,maintenance and weed control. Here’s what we can all being doing to keep ourhomes beautiful:

● Weeds – the bad news is that they are coming. The good news is that we all know how to control them. Please be proactive in spraying and/or removing your weeds.

● Home exteriors – the bad news is that our exterior finishes age, especiallygiven the strength of the sun. The good news is that fading fascia, rottingwood, crumbling stone, etc., can be restored and improve the value of ourhomes. Please take a walk around your property and see what needs tobe repaired or restored.And, here’s what we can be doing to keep our neighborhood beautiful:

● Dog waste pickup and disposal – Yes, this topic is once again in the news.Thank you to those neighbors who pick up after their dogs and other people’s dogs! For those of us who are dog owners, please note that picking up waste is only half of our responsibility. Proper disposal is the other half of our responsibility. Leaving poo bags on the side of the road is not proper disposal. Other neighborhoods have successfully embraced a culture of personal responsibility around handling their dogs’ waste.Let’s join them and walk with confidence on our streets, in our yards and on our new trails when they are built.

● Help Wanted for Dumpster Days and Community Clean Up Day – Once again, we will be renting a dumpster and scheduling a community clean up day sometime during the last week of April. We welcome one or more Clean up captains to coordinate this year’s clean up efforts. If you are interested, please let us know via our Deer Mountain HOA portal. Stay tuned for the dumpster dates and Community Clean Up date.Finally, here’s an update and notice about Board business:

● At our March 12, 2019 open board meeting, the Board approved reducingthe number of Directors from 7 to 5.

● Recently, Monica Sonnier and Steve Slade have resigned from the Board.Thank you to Monica and Steve for their service to our community!

● Are you called to serve on the Board? Do you have a neighbor you think would be great on the Board? If so, let us know via the portal Three Board members will be elected at our 2019 Annual meeting.

● Notice – At the Board’s May 14, 2019 meeting, we will be reviewing and adopting standards for real estate for sale signs, including but not limited to size, orientation to the property, materials and color of the sign posts.The HOA Board holds open meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.Our next meeting is April 9, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm at Zion Bank, 1100 Snow Creek Drive. If you cannot attend in person, you may call in at 319-527-3511, code:9952953#. If you plan to call in, please let us know by posting on the ACS portal.

Warm regards,

Deer Mountain HOA Board

Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly board meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month from 3 to 5 pm at Zions bank upstairs conference room – 1100 Snow Creek Dr. in Park City.There will be a conference call-in line (Telephone: 319-527-3511, Code: 9952953#).